Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jul 1, 2011

To Experience Transformation One Must Be Still

Now would be a lovely time to be a Butterfly!  Transformation - going into the cocoon is necessary.  That means Being still!  Oh so easy to say the words but it is such a struggle to Be Still.  One of the ways Being Still can occur is to get mad or make others mad and self impose it and then be miserable because it was not done correctly.  Watch a caterpillar - it is in it's DNA to crawl into the cocoon and allow "Divine Mystery" to accomplish only what Divine Mystery can accomplish - metamorphosis!!

Thought:  If I am ready for "My Dream" I must realize that it is about a Perfect God taking an imperfect woman and transforming her according to His Plan.  A Biblical Example is Ruth.

Challenge:  Read the Book of Ruth and write down the attributes that allowed God to do this.

Question:  Will I Be Still so God can do His Mysterious Work?

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