Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jul 1, 2011

Time For A New Adventure

It's Time to Make Dreams Come True.  It's Time to Get Out of the Sticky Webbs That Holds Me Back.  It's Time. . .  To Go For It.  What is the Dream in My Heart?  To Write! Why?  Well, maybe like Eric Liddle - When I write I feel God's Pleasure.  When I teach I feel God's Pleasure.  When I stop Playing Perfect Pat and doing what I believe others want me to do. . . I feel Alive.  Therefore, I shall begin today. 

I have been longing to write down the most important lessons, quotes, thoughts, etc. that I have learned.  I have bought pretty journals to write them in but, the journals or writings are all piled up in drawers.  Where do I start?  Being with my "soul sister" this past weekend, the thought of blogging kept coming up.  There is a problem here because I don't want to be checking my computer to see what is going on.  I am seeking to simplify and that means disconnecting some from my "crackberry" and computer.  To be quiet, to listen, to BREATHE.   Soooo,  this is just between God and me.  It is His to do what He wants with it.  If it is to anchor and focus me - that will be good.  If He chooses to use it to bless other - that will be very good. 

Sixty Four years of life is such a "big picture" that I am going to begin with my favorite journal which my son gave me in 2004.  The reason it is my favorite is that I was in the middle of a tailspin that practically did me in.  But God used and is continuing to use that tailspin to help me become a "Real Mature Woman".  I have lamented and moaned over it taking this long for me to make any real steps at becoming "me" instead of who I "presume" EVERYONE" wants me to be.  Well, there lies the falacy - the world doesn't revolve around who others "think" I am or who others want me to be but who God created me to be.  So... I begin with the inscription on the front of my 2004 Journal:

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly - anonymous

OK - The Adventure Begins!!!


  1. i am coming along on this most wonderful adventure...and i know you will be blessed as you look back, sideways, up and down and connect the dots of your journey. i also know for certain God will use you and your journey to bless others.

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