Do You Hear What I Hear?

Aug 27, 2011


I just love it when I am going along, doing my thing and I have a God Moment.  This is a time where I’m not begging, pleading or trying to connect with God, but a time when He makes His presence known and it is a surprise.
Recently while doing my daily walking, I experienced this. I was praying and giving God my recommendations for the people and situations I was praying for, and about, when it struck me so plainly – I report to God what is going on (like He does not know!) and then I give Him advice on what I think would work best (like I really know what is best!). It was then that I believe His thoughts entered my brain/spirit and I realized prayer is to inform me, not for me to inform God.  I immediately realized how egotistical that type of praying is.  The God of the Universe wants to communicate with me and I can feel it I more important for me to talk than to listen!  Excuse me, that does not qualify me in the art of being a “Wise Woman”.  I should be asking Him to help me receive information from Him in order to pray with His guidance.  This would change me in that I would become a Receiver instead of a Reporter.   Am I a Reporter and Counselor to God or a Receptor of information from Him that enables me to have a God Focus instead of a Pat Focus?   I am ready now to say:  My Father, you know the situation with __________, would you give me the information to help me pray in accord with your best?  Oh wow, I believe I just got a little “wiser”.