Do You Hear What I Hear?

Nov 12, 2010

When We Don't Listen

I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and God has been sweetly and softly telling me to be QUIET.  Well, I didn't listen and "Lo and Behold" I fell flat on my face while teaching Tuesday night.  I wanted to crawl into a hole and say "I will never teach again" it was soooo bad.  However, I asked God what the problem was and He informed me that He needed to get my attention and I would not be quiet long enough to hear Him.  WELL, he got my attention all right in a painful and humiliating way.  The next day I wanted to craw in "my hole" but I longed for His Peace. Being a semi-smart woman I asked Him what I should do.  I know that He is more interested in me listening to Him than doing for Him.  His response was:  "Come Spend Time with Me."  I asked where I should go, what I should take and what I should do.  He sent me to a secluded spot on the creek and I sat there for one hour listening to Him, His creation and having Him restore my soul.  He informed me that I needed to pray more and run around less.  He even informed me what book to look in to see where I was missing it - What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christenson.   I ask myself and you - Are you tired, weary, running too fast.  A human is the only animal that runs faster when it doesn't know where it's going.  I think I have to go faster and faster to accomplish all the things I "feel" I need to accomplish.  I may never get it like I want it, but I am learning that my greatest need is to be with God in Quietness and Trust so I will be strengthened for the things that are truly important in life.  A counselor once told me that we run faster when we don't want to deal with the things we need to change.  If your mind, body or spirit needs restoring, do something unnatural - Be still and Listen. 
Isaiah 26:3:  I will keep her in perfect peace whose mind/imagination is fixed on ME. 
Isaiah 30:15b In Quietness and Trust is your Strength!  Selah
Reminder:   The chief end of (wo)man is to glorify God and Enjoy Him forever. 

Nov 5, 2010

What Would You Like to Hear?

Today, be encouraged to read - not once but many times - God Guides - by Mary Geegh (Website  This little book was given to me and I placed in in my bookcase because it wasn't glitzy or necessarily appealing.  However, being convicted to check out the gift, I pulled it out and an Absolute God Adventure begin.  A simple woman, sharing how God led her on a fabulous adventure by Listening for His thoughts on Everything and the following quote have led to walking closer with God and joining Him in what He is doing
When (wo)man listens, God speaks.
When (wo)man obeys, God acts.
When God acts, (wo)men change.
When (wo)men change, nations change. (p.23)

Hint:  to get the most out of this book, underline what God says to you in different colors each time your read it.  Get ready for a surprise!

Nov 4, 2010

It's Time

Have you heard God say:  It's Time Girl?  What are we waiting for?  When do we join with Him so we become what He created us to be?  Life is an Adventure and it takes Balance and Focus to achieve the goal!  I am not where I want to me, but I am not where I have been and Listening to God, who is my Higher Power, is leading me on the Adventure that I have longed for.  What do I need to do so I can hear? 

Acknowledge:  I am a Woman that has been created for a Purpose.  That Purpose is to Glorify God and Enjoy Him.  How do I begin?

B - Be
R - Relaxed
E - Expecting
A - Attainment (of His Promises)
T -Through
H - Him (Jesus, for Me)

Would you like to practice BREATHING in your Higher Power and BREATHING out your self junk?
Want to share what you experienced?