Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jul 2, 2011


IN THE COCOON -  Oh my, how long have I been in the cocoon?  It is Time ... Time to ponder if I have learned anything while I have been in the cocoon.  I have not been still while I have been here.  I have been twisting and turning and churning and working so hard to get out of this cocoon.  It has finally dawned that much growth has taken place - maybe even the butterfly is formed - but, I must be still and listen to hear His voice say "Loose her and let her come out - she is ready to fly. 

A Question to Revisit:  "Are you ready to be  a Steward of Your Life"?  God asked this question in March 2005.  Well here it is 2011 and the answer is that I have been scared or not able or willing to let go of the "Pleaser" that keeps me bound and my wings have not become strong enough to flap and fly.  Why?  Fear of disappointing someone or of them being unhappy with me.  Wonder why my Father said 365 times "Fear Not"?

Thought:  A butterfly must struggle to get out of the cocoon.  No struggle, no flying!!  Oh, could that be what has gone on all this time.  Have all the hurts, disappointments, challenges, controversies, wounds, anger...  as well as so many gifts given to feed and nourish me while I have been in the cocoon ... been getting me ready?  I will keep doing this until I have struggled enough to try flapping my wings and not fear the possibility of failure, or wondering if my wings will work but trusting that if I spread them out they will do what God created them to do.

Challenge:  Am I ready?  Oh YES, I have thought I was ready before but maybe this is time to come out of the cocoon.  I may have to sit on the branch a little while and air out my new wings.  But out of the cocoon I come -

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