Do You Hear What I Hear?

Jul 3, 2011

Acting Like A Butterfly

A caterpillar can only be a caterpillar.  It can't be a butterfly until it has undergone a metamorphosis.  Does it take sixty some years to say:  I surrender, I can never make myself into a butterfly?  My, my - I have worked so hard trying to become a butterfly.  Hopefully, many women learn sooner than I have that you have to spend time in the cocoon to become an adult butterfly.  So, my goal is to become an adult, act like an adult, speak like and adult, BE AN ADULT.  That is very hard for "Pleasers".

As I contemplate on "issues" in my life, they have been issues because i have wanted to "pass the buck" to someone else, to blame someone else, to act like a "creepy little bug"!  My journals are full of begging God to help me speak, act and be and adult.  Once that little caterpillar has turned into a butterfly, it acts like a butterfly.  It doesn't go back to sliding around on its belly.

Thought:  If a metamorphosis  has taken place I don't have to keep tyring to be a butterfly.  I simply spread my wings and see what happens. 

Challenge:  Spread my wings and fly - STOP being academic about it.  JUST DO IT!!

Question:  Will I be on the lookout for other caterpillars and pass on my knowledge of cocoon time and encourage them that if they follow their heart, one day, after all the struggles have done their work, they will crawl out of the cocoon and voila:  A butterfly


  1. Oh my... it just seems to take what it takes to become that butterfly! "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind", as the Bible reminds us. We are works in progress.. we must be because we're still here.

  2. this is the thing isn't it?? when we accept Christ we are made new. We are a new creature...but it takes time for God to grow us into what we already are. so i have always had a hard time with the butterfly analogy because it seems like the transforming takes place after we become the new creature. am I thinking about this incorrectly??

    Pat, i am so glad you are blogging.

    oh, Greg and I were at Glen Ella in May. Are you and your husband planning any workshops in the near future?

  3. Hi Mary and Nancy, so glad to see you on the blog. Your comments are encouraging especially since one of my "defects" is follow through so I know you're watching me :-).