Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 8, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 30:  Enjoy the Gifts Today
I am having a lovely week.  I needed a “family fix” so I am zooming from my son and daughter in love’s house (grandbabies:  Caelyn and Urijah) and to my daughter and son in love’s house (grandbabies:  Jackson and Miller) and I have my mom with me as I visit my daughter.  I got a beautiful surprise in that mom has not been able to travel with me for several years and “lo and behold” this time she is able to!!  We have three generations in the same house and are enjoying such a sweet mother, daughter, granddaughter time together.  No, I’m not getting much quiet time.  Yes, it is a little tiring going from the Seashore, to the Piedmont, to the Mountains white with “dogwoods”!    As I focused to ask Abba how I could please his heart today, again I was told “ENJOY”.  Oh how He is thrilling my heart.  The vision that some have of my Abba as a God who delights in taking things away from us is blowing my mind.  This whole Lenten adventure has thrilled my heart in that He is revealing what a wonderful Abba He is.  Oh there are “little foxes” trying to steal the joy but I don’t think I’ll let them.  I’ll stay focused on my Abba and what a wonderful adventure I am having.  Thank you  my Abba

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  1. Oh His word "Enjoy" just sounds like our wonderful Heavenly Father...enjoying His children enjoying their children.