Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 8, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 31:  Heart Surgery
Today I reread the book of Romans that I have written to help me understand better the magnitude of what Jesus Christ has done for me.   Abba stopped me again at Romans 6 – which is where He stopped me on Day 28:
Where I dealt with how I AM living in Graceland, today the emphasis is on the last sentence. 
 I am now living in the Freedom of God.  As I listen to my new Master, the freedom gets bigger and SURPRISE - I have a whole, healed, put together LIFE! 
It doesn’t say I will get, I might get or I hope I get but I HAVE a whole,  healed, put together Life because of Jesus Christ.  Does this FACT change my situation?  No!  Does it change other people?  No!  Well, excuse me, what does it do?  I get to choose to allow that new heart that I received to direct my life.  I believe, like Abraham and Sarah that the situation is as God says.  Do I realize that it is for “now” not later?  I am slightly overwhelmed but as I went through the day, when things would not be as I wanted, I would consciously turn to my Abba and ask my Master:  How do I handle this?  Oh my, Freedom!!!  I am not responsible for how others act.  I do not have to let their decisions cause me to act less than who I am.  I can choose to be like Abraham and Sarah and realize that I have something new inside of me and I can live  in a whole, healed, put together way.  It is mind boggling and takes faith like Abe and Sarah to believe that what God says is true.  Hummmmm do you hear it?  Lub dub lub  dub lub dub lub dub
The Bible Says It.  I Believe It.  But Help me to believe it again tomorrow!  My new heart assures me that I have a whole healed, put together life!  Amen

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