Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 17, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 39:  Give Them a Gift
Truthfully, family can be a challenge.  The barriers are down, everyone is different but wants to stay in their comfort zone.   Tension can develop as each person wants to do things their way.  As Abba has been working on me, He has also given me assignments to Stop working on others!!  It is such a gift to know that I am loved for just being me, no games necessary, freedom . . . ah a breath of fresh air.  But in return Abba is asking me to allow others the freedom to be themselves, to accept them as they are and not try to make anyone fit into my grid.  That means that I allow my mom and dad to have their own relationship, my son and his family to be and do what they choose, and my daughter and her family to be and do as they choose.  I wish I had asked Abba about these gifts earlier.  How much hurt, misunderstanding and anger could have been avoided.  When we try to force someone to act and pretend while they are around us in order to keep peace, there can’t be open love and a sweet peaceful attitude.  Our family may never understand why each of us act the ways we do, why each of us think different things are important, why we are so different.  But as I treat others as Abba treats me, I am implementing change.  I don’t know why I thought for years that I was “The Authority” or anyone’s “Holy Spirit” but I can tell you there wasn’t peace, love and respect when I did those things.  My intentions, as good as they were, were not lined up with God’s agenda.  He has given us such a simple rule to follow – LOVE each other as He loves us.  I have an acronym for that:
L – et
O –thers
S –ee
E – ternally
My man informed me that I am doing great as it is good to have an accountability partner.  Oh, it’s time.  Time to Love Extravagantly, Leave Others Alone, Focus on Abba and the resources He provides, and Become a Woman After God’s Own Heart!  I am being blown away and blessed by this Journey.  Today I gave Him the Gift of allowing everyone to be themselves in my home.  In return, I sense Abba’s smile and a “thumbs up”!  I am reminded of His smile in the beautiful sunsets.

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