Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 15, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 37:  Reflecting
I am a day behind from traveling but as I have traveled I have thought of my Lenten Journey.  It has ended up being totally different from what I had anticipated.  I was – in truth – wanting to do something “big” - not just chocolate and I like my glass of wine that the doctor says is good for my cholesterol.  What God is showing me is that He is bigger, better, more wonderful than I can imagine and not to be manipulated by me.  He wants me to answer:   What would happen in my life if the information in my head so penetrated my heart that I accepted all that Jesus has done for me, all that God has planned for me and all that the Spirit is ready to empower me to do?  What if I took the word “Hurry” out of my vocabulary and went about my daily life in a spirit of peace?  What would happen if I  allowed the Holy Spirit to guide me as He knows the plan that Father, Son and Holy Spirit want me to experience?  I am questioning some of the things I have done in the name of Jesus.  I am getting a sense that a great deal of it is about “me” instead of “Him”.   But the thing that is different is one of my devotionals said He looks at my heart and it pleases Him that I want to please Him.  With that I must burst out in song:  Oh how He loves you and me.  Oh how He loves you and me.  He gave His life, what more could He do?  Oh how He loves you.  Oh how He loves me.  Oh how He loves you and me.

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