Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 5, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 28:  No Judging

This morning I woke up singing:  O Worship The King; there were tremendous storms through the night; the wind had the trees dancing; the rain was washing off everything and my best bud had told me that God wants her to dance with Him on the mountain.  (A quick view into the brain and the soup pot that it is).  As I began focusing on today, I went to my piano and started playing O Worship The King - I turned my thoughts loose and let them go whereever they flowed.  It was then that I head my Beloved's quiet voice:  Baby doll, today I would like for you not to  judge one person, not make one comment about what they do, did, or will do.  Do not give an opinion on it!  Yikes, that is my favorite sport Abba!  What game will I play if I don't give my opinion on what everyone else is "not doing right" in their life?  Oh my, Abba has me rewriting scripture to make it personal  - His love letter straight to my heart.  He brought up Romans 6.  My entry for what He wants me to understand from this chapter of the Bible: 
Baptism portrays leaving my old home and taking up residence in the new home he has provided.  My home has a banner over the front door that says:  GRACELAND!  I live in a light filled world where I can see where I am going.  Through Jesus I have experienced death and resurrection.  Sin has been brought down (nailed to the cross and buried) and God has taken up residence in me through the Holy Spirit!  I am now living in the Freedom of God.  As I listen to my new Master, the freedom gets bigger and SURPRISE - I have a whole, healed, put together LIFE! 
Even as I write that I hear his sweet voice saying:  Pattigail, when anyone enters your life today remember there is a sign over you that says:  Entering Graceland!
Oh sweet Abba, Forgive that my favorite past time is playing "Here comes the Judge".   
Close my eyes:  He is placing a picture in my mind of Graceland; of what people should get when they are in my presence.   God, I yield to You to allow Your Holy Spirit to extend Grace - not Judgment to everyone You place in my life today.    Oohhh -  I can smell the fragrance of "Graceland"?

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  1. and it smells so lovely doesn't it.

    Pat thank you so much for sharing your journey, and for pointing us to the one who can and does heal our hearts.