Do You Hear What I Hear?

Apr 3, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 26:  Falling Upward -Letting Go
I woke up mellow this morning – sensing a “different peace,” quietness in my spirit and an absolute yearning for my Abba.  Oh He has been changing me, from the inside out.  He is removing the drive to always be right, perfect, know it all and to exhibit quietness and a gentle spirit – THAT’S  BIG.  Little Southern Baptist that I have been, He is teaching me through ways I would never seek out on my own.  Growing up in the South, there was a suspiciousness of any thoughts that didn’t “sound” Baptist.  However, He has been gently, sweetly opening my narrow little mind.  He has placed me beside a boisterous Brethren, a focused Methodist, a converted Mormon, sweet Presbyterian friends, liturgical Episcopalians, an eighty two year old Moravian who has become a mentor, and a devout Catholic.  We are all sheep in the same pasture and we all have one Shepherd – Jesus Christ.  I am being impacted most profoundly by what He is showing me through my Catholic friends.  They have introduced me to Henri Nouwen,  Mother Teresa and now, Richard Rohr. He has a new book – Falling Upward – His reading for today is excellent and if you want to check out the website it is:
Oh, I am growing - there are little buds of grace, quietness, mercy, trust, and a peace that is starting to pass understanding. And thanks to Richard Rohr, I am learning to Fall Upward "in that the second half of life feels like going down after we have spent so much sound and fury  into going up [the first half of life]". 
What is my gift to my Abba today?  - Staying  Quiet so He can teach me and I can be strong in Him.   
In Quietness and Trust is Your Strength – Isaiah 30:15

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