Do You Hear What I Hear?

Mar 15, 2011

The Season of Lent

Day 7:      Extend a Little Grace
I wrote a beautiful article and was ready to publish it and my computer ate it.  It disappeared – Could it be because my last line was about the “sneaky snake’s” voice going off in my head telling me to forget this Lenten Adventure.  Ohhh, my antennae are up because it is taking discipline to stay focused on this Gift.  There are habits in my life that I feed, and hold and play with and refuse to boot them out.  I say I have but you let me get bumped the wrong way and “low and behold,” they reappear.  One is extending Judgment instead of Grace.  Walking down the beach yesterday, eyes taking in the bigness of God’s creation, I pondered what I want most but it seems to elude me.  Grace!  Grace when I make a mistake;  Grace when I don’t engage the brain before opening the mouth;  Grace when I get wrapped up in me;  GRACE !  I want GRACE.  What is Grace?  God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense – Getting something I don’t deserve.  I extend Grace to people I may want to impress –the ones I only have to be around for a little bit.  But, day in and day out, I find it hard to extend Grace to those I love the most.  There are old hurts, wounds, words, looks that can blind me to extending Grace.  I knew before I went to bed last night that this was what my ABBA was going to ask me to give to others in His Name today.  I struggled during the night and was awakened way before I wanted to be to get on my knees and ask Him to help me.  I have paraphrased Romans and Chapter 2 roars into my head:  Every time I criticize someone, I condemn myself.  Pointing my finger at others doesn’t divert God from all my misdoings.  God’s Goal is to take me by the hand and lead me into a RADICAL LIFE CHANGE!  Merely hearing God’s word is a waste of time if you don’t do what He commands.  It’s God’s vote that counts not mine.  Doing, not hearing, is what makes a difference with God!  It’s the mark of God on my heart that matters.  Make sure while I’m trying to teach others that I’m living what I’m teaching not just giving legalistic answers.  As I think about extending Grace today – In His Name and as a Gift to Him – for others,  I am reminded of an old Amy Grant song:
What About the Love?I went to see my sister. She was staying with a friend Who had turned into a preacher To save the world from sin. He said, "First deny your body, And then learn to submit. Pray to be made worthy, And tithe your ten percent." I said, "Is this all there is, Just the letter of the law?" Something's wrong.
I went to see my brother On the 32nd floor Of a building down on Wall Street; You could hear the future's roar. He said, "Here we make decisions, And we trade commodities; If you tell me where there's famine, I can make you guarantees." I said, "Is this all there is, Power to the strong?" Something's wrong.

Something's wrong in heaven tonight. You can almost hear them cry. Angels to the left and the right,
Saying, "What about the love? What about the love? What about the love?"
I went to see my neighbor. He'd been taken to a home For the weak and the discarded Who have no place to go. He said, "Here I lack for nothing; I am fed and I am clothed. But at times I miss the freedom I used to know." I said, "Is this all there is, When your usefulness is gone?"Something's wrong.
I looked into the mirror, Proud as I could be,  And I saw my pointing finger Pointing back at me,
Saying, "Who named you accuser? Who gave you the scales?" I hung my head in sorrow;  I could almost feel the nails. I said, "This is how it is To be crucified and judged Without love."  Written by Kye Fleming, and Janis Ian: Sung by Amy Grant
God, help me be a Grace Filled Woman todaybecause I asked you to tell me what you want each day of Lent – and for today You said "Give Em Grace Baby Doll."

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