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Jan 9, 2011

You Have a New Name - Beloved!

A thought to make your day:  From Matthew 3:13-17 there is a startling thought, that if accepted can change how we proceed through life.  God called Jesus "My Beloved Son" before He had done anything in ministry.  Was in knowing that He was Beloved that He proceeded to accomplish what God had planned. 

Have you ever thought about the fact that when each of us go through baptism, we enter the family and God says of us that we are Beloved?  The startling fact is that most of us, myself included, spend the rest of our lives 'doing' so we can prove we are Beloved.  However, it's a God Thing because of His love and Grace.  It's a GIFT straight from God.  To enter into His family is to enter the glad "river" to be captured by the Gospel of Radical Love!  Can I accept God's affirmation that I am His Beloved, that this Name is given and not earned, and proclaim what He says "You are my Beloved Pattigail"

Well, how about let's greeting each other with:  Hi my name is Beloved PATTIGAIL - What's your Name?_______________?
(these thoughts were evoked from a sermon by Rev. Bill Braswell presented at the Village Chapel of Bald Head Island)

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