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Jan 7, 2011

What Happens When Women Pray

There is an adventure in my life that I would like to share.  Four of us are getting together, after exploring the Adventure of the book God Guides.  We have named ourselves birds because we live on an Island.  God speaks through nature so we watch our birds to learn what is positive and negative about each bird.  I wanted to be something majesticic but the gals named me "Killdeer" - if you aren't familiar they are the little birds that run all over the place along the beach and when in danger fake it to divert your attention!  Nailed!!
I run with a Brown Pelican - who should probably be a Dove, a Wise Owl - who ponders what she says and a Great Blue Heron - who keeps us focused and sluggish (have you ever watched how long a heron can stand still?) 

It is a "God Thing" that we are together.  He orchestrated our getting together and we have been searching for almost a year as to what our purpose is.  The first purpose was, as a group, to experience being quiet together [that's a miracle for women :-)].  Amazing what happens when women get together intentionally to listen together for God's voice!  We each learned the value of each one's personality and what they added to the group with no comparisons or judging [Another miracle for women].  We had a day where each of us had a "God Guides Day" and did nothing but be directed on how and where God wanted to communicate with us and then got together and shared our day.  [We all experienced miracles that day and the joy of sharing with others on the same jouney was an exquisite joy.] 

After a year, we are focusing on What Happens When Women Pray by Evelyn Christensen and are excited as we realize that God is calling us to learn to pray more powerfully, more focused and in line with what He sees is His will and not ours.  We were first challenged to pray for two particular people and see if it made a difference in their lives.  Do you know it is hard to focus everyday on praying for someone just because God has directed it? And even harder- even though we believe God - to believe that our praying will truly make a difference.  At our last get together we realized that God wanted us to pray for two couples.  We are waiting quietly for what God wants us to do.  It is so exciting when we focus and pray as a group the change we experience.  Ms. Killdeeer wants to run and fix everything but my instructions are to suggest that both couples may want to begin the adventure of reading God Calling - which Ms. Great Blue Heron has motivated us to enjoy and shareMs. Brown Pelican/Dove is encouraging us to read The Faith Club to watch for opportunities that are God Guided and Ms. Wise Owl has blessed me with the thought:  "We all let people into our lives, but you will find that really good Friends let you into your Own."    A God Adventure - oh kill dee kill dee kill deet deet deet = Thank you God.

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  1. I love this post and have heard your comments all year on how much this group has meant to you and the results you have seen from God's hand.....

    Let's face it, God brings women together because He made us to need each other....You have taught me that lesson and a valuable one it is.......Our gal friends encourage us, support us, and often challenge us to see things in a different light...

    I will be anxious to hear all that happens in your group this coming year and I pray you will be blow away from the results of your prayers together...

    Love you,