Do You Hear What I Hear?

Mar 24, 2011

The Lenten Journey

Day 16:   Abba, Can we Laugh Today?
Life has been hard for the last while.  I have had bouts of sickness from helping, doing, going, and leading.  After listening to my Abba yesterday, hearing Him say He wanted me to give Him the gift of TRUST, I asked Him if I could choose the gift I wanted to give Him today and – dumm dumm de dumm dum:  could it be  Laughter.  A picture of another blogger appeared on my screen and there was the face of Lucille Ball – my “wanna be”.  I have always aspired to be a “Smart Lucy” as the joy of my young life was watching I Love Lucy and laughing.  Plus, Proverbs 17:22 says that Laughter is Good Medicine.    When I saw Lucy's face I looked up and asked God –“Tomorrow may I give you Laughter?” 
Oh my antennae were up this morning when I got out of bed.  Every time I would try to talk with my man yesterday about the journey I was on, lo and behold tears would jump out of my eyes.  So, I’m ready to laugh – is that ok God, was my question.  I heard His voice.  TRUST!  I want you to TRUST me.  Excuse me Sir, didn’t we do that one yesterday?  TRUST! 
I’m listening Abba.  I’m quiet Abba.  My heart is waiting to hear.  It was then I sensed that stiring in my spirit of needing to deal with: – Am I really listening?    He is showing me that I really do not TRUST  Him unless things go as I want them.  I really do not TRUST that He is as good as He says He is.  I do not TRUST that He will supply all my needs.  I do not TRUST that He can handle any situation without me “mucking” in it. 
Ah Ha - the secret:  if I want to throw my head back and laugh, I must TRUST  Him.   He has already given me the picture of Him laughing on Day 10.  Oh my, maybe I will get it today.  It is when I TRUST Him that the burdens will not be my focal point.  Then I can join Him, throw back my head and LAUGH.   Only Trust Him, Only Trust Him, Only Trust Him Now!  He will save me from missing the joy of Laughing.


  1. I have fallen short of totally Trusting that My Abba Father will take care of every need at times...there have been times tho that I've faced something and the minute I pray to HIM and telling HIM I believe, I trust I have a Peace that calms my heart and soul. I'm blessed in all things through the Grace of God who loves us so!!

  2. The story behind my avatar of Lucy is that I need to laugh...I have come out of a season I called my "sackcloth" season and I am laughing again by faith!
    Trusting Him...isn't that the answer? Laying our burdens at the cross and looking up with a smile of joy!
    Nice to meet you "Smart Lucy" You brought me the laughter in seeing this post today with Lucy!